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Our Work

WSFP’s mission is to provide access to quality surgical healthcare, surgical equipment, including surgical training for medical professionals in government hospitals.

The organization has conducted over 26 surgical outreach activities in 14 provinces and six cities, covering about 3,300 free surgeries for indigent individuals. WSFP also distributed around; 900 pulse oximeters, 820 surgical safety checklists to over 289 participant hospitals through its partnership with Americares on the Safe Surgery Initiative (Lifebox Project).

The Foundation’s programs and projects are on-going through partnerships with other Non-Profit Organizations, sponsorships from corporations, individuals, and strategic relationships with concerned government agencies sharing the same advocacy.



We alleviate the surgical healthcare backlog in the country by organizing surgical outreach activities in poverty stricken areas in the country, giving particular focus to the top 20 poorest of the poor provinces.


We do this through partnerships with for-profit and non-profit organizations with similar CSR thrusts, individual advocates who believe in the vision of the Foundation; and in collaboration with concerned government agencies and local government units and health facilities.

Our team focuses on addressing neglected surgical diseases / conditions; thus performing the following procedures during outreach activities:

  1. Thyroidectomy

  2. Cholecystectomy

  3. Herniorrhapy

  4. Mastectomy

  5. Hemorrhoidectomy

  6. Fistulectomy

  7. Cyst Removal

  8. Uterine Myomectomy

  9. Cleft Lip Repair

  10. Pull-through Surgery

  11. Posterior Sagittal Anorectoplasty (PSARP)

  12. Colostomy


The Surgical Training Program is a training platform for volunteer medical practitioners, such as medical interns, residents and fellows, nurses, and other allied professionals to hone and further practice their skills.

We provide them with opportunities to work using the most advanced gadgets in the field (harmonics cautery, portable anesthesia machines, top-of-the-line cauteries, etc.), even in makeshift set-ups. This approach has been proven successful in delivering equitable surgical healthcare in the country.



We aim to advocate for the implementation of inclusive health policies in the country. Our team partners with various surgical and medical associations in assessing present needs and gaps, identifying available resources, and studying trends in surgical care to promote the interests of the Filipino needy.


Ever since the COVID-19 virus first broke out in the Philippines last March 2020, our team has been responding to the call for help of our fellow countrymen, especially the medical and non-medical frontliners. We do this through various initiatives such as donation drives (distribution of medical supplies, hygiene kits and food packs), Antigen Swab Testing, Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Suits, in collaboration with our generous partners and sponsors, and concerned government agencies.

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