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Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Lissa Henson

There are only 200 registered pediatric surgeons in the Philippines, 40 of which are based in Metro Manila. One of them is Dr. Lissa Henson, a proud World Surgical Foundation Philippines volunteer surgeon.

Since 20% of the small number of pediatric surgeons in the country are based in Manila, Dr. Lissa is very much aware of the need to bring pediatric surgical care to other provinces and communities in the country.

“Joining surgical outreach activities organized by WSFP made me realize that there is so much to be done; and so many more children with congenital deformities who need our help in getting life-changing surgeries,” she shared.

Dr. Lissa joined WSFP in 2018 through her mentors, Dr. Lester Suntay and Dr. Beda Espineda. Aside from opportunities to volunteer and do good for the community, WSFP provides Dr. Lissa and other medical practitioners (surgeons, anesthesiologists, and OR nurses) the opportunity to harness their skills on the field, training them to operate even in makeshift set ups.

“I have encountered difficult cases from which I have learned so much through the teachings of Dr. Domingo Alvear, the Global Founder of the World Surgical Foundation. He tirelessly taught me new techniques and approaches in the surgical management of children. These learnings, I will bring with me for the rest of my life," recounted Dr. Lissa. ----------------------- Do you want to help save lives and be part of our excellent team of volunteers? Visit our website and know how to be one:

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